The purpose of the OCR Newsletter is to network and celebrate one another’s achievements, praying for one another as we grow in our mission and talents to spread the Gospel through Music & Media.


If you wish to share a resource to have it listed on our website that would include Music Artists, Actors, Authors, etc we would appreciate your listing to help the resources grow.


Perhaps you have a request, music production, casting call, or an announcement about your latest project release. Whether it be a book, music CD or film, or any other area of the Creative Arts … we welcome any suggestions that provide resources, and you are welcome to submit them using our CONTACT FORM.


In addition …

Members of the list will be made aware of your request or your latest release.  Through the newsletter, it’s our hope that the resources and announcements will be used as a “well” of talent to network together and support one another in various ways.


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