Resources for Christian Artists

Showcase your music and ministry online! Your fans will love the “unplugged” casual setting to get to know you personally. Check out Concert Window. It costs you nothing and you can broadcast live to your fans for free. There’s also a “tip button” that helps to receive an “offering” from those that watch you live:



What artist hasn’t uploaded music online, either by mp3 or mp4 video?  If so, then you’re going to want to know about this!  You can earn money each time your song or music video is played online. Just be sure to embed it with an isrc code.  Get your isrc code for your song or music video at They also have an embedding service so that your isrc code is embedded properly.


Just what is an ISRC code?  The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) system is the international system for the identification of recorded music and music videos. Each ISRC is a unique identifier that can be permanently encoded into a recording or music video. Encoded ISRCs automatically identify recordings for PPL payments.


more resources coming soon!