The purpose of this collaborative is to implement the KC-CASE Action Plan based on the Equality Model. The actions fall into six categories:


those who are experiencing commercial sexual exploitation


and coordinate these laws across the Kansas City metro

Strengthen Laws

on demand and develop assurances that those laws will be implemented


a holistic approach that is scalable

High Quality Services

for those who are experiencing commercial sexual exploitation


all factors that drive people into prostitution

The Equality Model

decriminalizes victims of commercial sexual exploitation and supports providing services to survivors, while criminalizing buyers and traffickers to the fullest extent. This is an evidence-based solution for significantly reducing commercial sexual exploitation.

Kansas Senate Bill 59

Kansas Senate Bill 59 modifies the crimes of selling sexual relations, promoting the sale of sexual relations and buying sexual relations by changing terminology from "sexual relations" to "a sex act."

We believe that commercial sexual exploitation is not "relational", which implies equality and mutuality. It is a transaction and an abuse of power and control. 

If you are a resident of Kansas, we ask that you contact your senator and encourage them to bring SB 59 to attention. An email template is provided, along with a list of contact information for Kansas Senators by district. Thank you.

Search KC

September 30th - October 2nd, 2021

How do we give the most vulnerable a pathway out of dangerous and unstable situations?

Search KC is a point-in-time search for missing persons in the Kansas City area. 2021 Will be our fourth year conducting this search, and we are excited to build a powerful alliance with the local community, businesses, law enforcement, service providers, and media to educate and raise awareness of the issue of missing persons, resulting in locating missing persons and connecting them with restorative services. Volunteers canvas the community and share online the public posters of missing persons and gather leads on their whereabouts, with support from our command center and team of experienced individuals. We recognize the intersection between missing persons, homelessness, and exploitation. We are committed to serving those at risk and those who are trying to rebuild their lives.

Check back here for more information, including how to volunteer.

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