Ammolite Gem #001



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Ammolite comes from ammonite fossils found in the rocky mountains of Southern Alberta. Said to draw off negative energy, ammolite is a lucky stone that brings health, wealth and happiness.

  • Carats: 35 ct
  • Measurements: 33 x 23mm 
  • Includes an NLG certified certificate

As with all of our ammolite, the photo shown is the piece you will receive. 

NLG Certified

Investment ammolite is high grade ammolite that comes with a certificate of grading that lists the particulars of each specimen as evaluated by a graduate gemologist. 

Metalsmiths Sterling's gemologists have partnered with the premier ammonite mine in Southern Alberta with an exclusive supply of their finest ammonite specimens and ammolite gems.

Collected around the globe for its unique and stunning beauty, ammolite is an investment that is sure to be appreciated for generations. 

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