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There was a time when OnChristianRadio.com only promoted Christian Music Artists to an exclusive list of Christian Radio Stations.  We’ve taken a creative turn that provides an effective way of getting Music Artists the exposure on a brand new level. Our newsletter will provide the networking sources that Artists and other Media need.  We’ll connect artists with recording studios, filmmakers, and Christian Radio Stations and the other way around too. If you wish to be updated on the latest developments and opportunities available, you can sign up using the “Subscribe to our Music & Media News” at the top of the left column.  We’re growing and the more that sign up, the more networking and opportunities that there will be available.


What you really want to know is the inside information about how to get airplay.


When a station receives new music, there is usually a music meeting. Especially for the larger and more professional stations.  So your song has to wait in queue with other songs until the staff can fully review your song.

Your song is reviewed in every aspect.

  1. Does it reflect the music style and sound of this station?
  2. Does the song have lyrics that we want to hear on this station?
  3. Is the song well written musically and lyrically?
  4. Is the song well produced with quality sound and music arrangement?
  5. Does the artist have vocal artistry and quality?
  6. The song must be less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds long


It is also recommended that your song …

  1. Should be listed with the performance royalty agencies. ie: Socan, BMI, Ascap etc
  2. Should be registered with the copyright library
  3. Should have an ISRC code embedded.


Each station has their own method but these are the questions that are generally asked about a new song when considering it for airplay. These are also good questions to ask yourself before submitting your song to a radio station.


So How Do I Get Airplay?

No one can twist the Music Programmer’s arm. A more effective way is to hire a radio promoter who already established relationships with the music directors of the radio stations on his contact list.


Once you have hired a radio promoter, it’s recommended that you leave this in his or her hands.  If you contact a radio station to ask if your song is being played while your radio promoter is strategically promoting your song to radio, you may just undo any credibility that your song will have with the radio promoter.


The first and foremost principle is that you have the confidence to know that your song will touch the hearts of people who hear it.  Making it a quality song with excellent production and quality recording are just some of the attributes of a great song.  OnChristianRadio.com can provide you with a free consultation.  Schedule one by contacting us on Facebook.

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