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One of the most frustrating things for Christian Artists is the funding of independent projects.  You may not know how to present your project so that others will believe in it before the project is complete. It’s not easy to press forward when you’re holding on to the vision and you just need to press on.

We often look for funding from our second job, organizations who give funding, as well as donations and sponsors. If you are willing to look at this and consider it as another avenue for funding, then we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised at how it changes the way you need funding in the future.

We’ve created a network.

What if we told you that a one time fee of $35.00 U.S funds would generate daily income for you. !  Yes! Daily Income! This is because when every artist or “referral” joins the program, there is a commission for you. As we network together it will make this move quickly to receive commissions for everyone. This “pay it forward” business is totally legal, and you also get travel benefits. For example, if a church or organization books you, you can provide them with travel discounts for your flight, hotel, etc.  If you’re a Film Producer, Music Producer, and you need funds for your project and travel cuts on your budget, then this is perfect for you.


It’s the most lucrative and legal business that leaves no one behind.  We actually help network all artists together so that everyone is producing an income easily through this company, while you’re doing what God called you to do.


Remember!  ….You’re paid daily!  The bottom line is that each person that pays the $35.00 and everyone receives a commission…AND…. you get to register for free before you even pay your $35.00 registration fee.


We network everyone’s referral links together and that creates a chain reaction. making money for your projects and fulfilling your calling.

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