BLANCA Shattered

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Psalms 147:3 “He heals the wounds of every shattered heart.”

“Losing someone is something that you can never prepare for. You never see it really coming… That’s exactly what happened to me when I lost my mom in 2016 to cancer. 

Loss is different for everybody… For this song I wanted it to show you that God can use everything you have gone through. That’s the strength, how he uses your story to then help other people or he shows you this new-found strength that you didn’t know you had…

My prayer through this song is one that of course, I can make the Lord proud of what I’m doing and that I make music that inspires people but also I think back on my mom and I hope that I can make her proud because she has inspired so many moments throughout the record. I really hope you guys feel it and that I have captured it in some way. And that I am honoring her because she desires it.” 


Blanca’s strong and soaring vocals reveal the authenticity of her own heart, in this powerful song, Shattered. The song is a power ballad, that ministers to the soul at that very place where one finds themself feeling life is shattered. It’s a compelling song, that helps the listener understand that in their darkest moments, someone else has been there too. You can hear encouragement and hope infused into the lyrics. Shattered is produced well with waves of highs and lows. It has a simple start to the production that builds with intensity from the true heart of this song. The song will likely find itself rotating through playlists ranging from Inspirational to Adult Contemporary.

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